Download Jamoma 0.6 alpha

Please report bugs on the Jamoma users-list, forum or the bug-tracker.

About Jamoma 0.6

Jamoma 0.6 is introducing major changes to how Jamoma Modules are structured, introducing true model-view-controller paradigm.

The video below presents the main features of the way Jamoma 0.6 works, and can help getting an idea of it.

(Please notice that this video has been made a while ago, and that most jamoma objects names have changed since them, though their features remained mostly identical)

An introduction to Jamoma 0.6 is also provided as a patcher that lays in the installation package inside the examples folder (see in “Modular0.6_overview”).

Please notice that all modules developed using Jamoma 0.5 will need to be updated in order to work with Jamoma 0.6.

Download Jamoma 0.6 alpha versions

This version requires OSX 10.7 or newer, as well as Max 7 or newer.

Download build: 0.6.0.a48 - 26th of August 2015
Download build: 0.6.0.a47 - 26th of August 2015
Download build: 0.6.0.a45 - 26th of August 2015

Download nightly-build version

Some robots are building Jamoma each times a human developer make a modification in code.
Those binary packages are pushed into
Please download them directly from github.

How to support Jamoma?

Want to support Jamoma development or host a workshop? Feel free to contact the team for more information. If you are a programmer and want to join the Jamoma team contact us too.

Financial support is also appreciated as a pledgie donation:

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