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The development team

Jamoma has been in active development since 2005.

Jamoma was originally born out of the modular construction of a realtime performance management environment called Jade, written by Timothy Place using Cycling ‘74 Max. In 2003 the modular architecture was lifted out of Jade at the recommendation of Trond Lossius over a meal of shrimp on the West coast of Norway. In 2005 the work began in earnest. Through a processes of continuous iteration and steady growth of contributors and peer-review, Jamoma has expanded its reach from those humble beginnings. The current version was created through the tireless work of many many people including Jamoma’s lead-developer Théo De La Hogue.

Core developers

In order of the amount of commits to our code repository, Jamoma is what it is through the efforts of:

Additional contributions

We are greatful to everyone that have contributed with additional ideas, advices, code, tutorials, modules for the UserLib, etc. In alphabetical order:

  • Casey Basichis
  • Charles Bascou
  • Diemo Schwarz
  • Henrik Frisk
  • Jamie Bullock
  • Jan Schacher
  • Jean-Michel Couturier
  • Jeremy Bernstein
  • John Hudak
  • João Menezes
  • Kristian Nymoen
  • Marlon Schumacher
  • Matthew Aidekman
  • Nicolas Carriere
  • Nicolas Deflache
  • Ricardo del Pozo
  • Thomas Grill
  • Thorolf Thuestad
  • Tristan Matthews

How to contribute?

If you are a programmer and want to join the Jamoma team, please get in touch with us at the development mailing list or contact us directly off-list. At current we are particularly interested in getting in touch with anyone willing to contribute towards the following development efforts:

  • Building Jamoma for Windows
  • DSP and AudioGraph development
  • Documentation:
    • Tutorials for Jamoma Modular
    • Doxygen documentation of Jamoma Core. This is a great way to get to know the C++ frameworks
  • Adapting Jamoma Core for use with iOS and OpenFrameworks

And of course, if you have other ideas and suggestions, we are all ears.

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