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Jamoma being ported to OpenSoundControl
Posted January 30, 2006 by Trond Lossius

It has been decided that we are going to move Jamoma to use the OpenSoundControl protocol for communication between and within modules. At current the CVS is in a bit of a mess as it is undergoing the transition. If there are any “bleeding edgers” out there, here’s a detailed techy note on what have been accomplished so far (this list will be updated as the transition progress):

  • New external: jmod.oscroute
  • routing of OSC messages.
  • Changes to jmod.pass external
  • Updated the core of Jamoma (components, etc.)
  • All audio modules except jmod.output\~.mod are now ported and should work properly (including algorithms, presets, help files amd html documentation)
  • All control modules are updated. jmod.cuelist might undergo further changes.
  • All video modules are now ported.

Last update: February 19.

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