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Teatrix workshop
Posted March 30, 2006 by Trond Lossius

This week me, Tim and Alexander are taking part in the Teatrix workshop hosted by BEK at Scene USF, Bergen. A log from the workshop can be found here. We use the oportunity to further development of Jamoma, with a bunch of new modules, additions and changes to the core, etc. being done. Below is a list of new modules:

  • jmod.echo~.mod – stereo echo effect.
  • jmod.mappings.mod – manage parameter mappings for jamoma modules.
  • jmod.oscnet.mod – send and receive OpenSoundControl on a network port.
  • jmod.hi.mod – for using human interface devices. * jmod.ambi.decode~ – ambisonic decoding. Based on the externals by jasch/ICST.

This post will be updated as we go along.

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