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Jamoma 0.3.2
Posted July 29, 2006 by Trond Lossius

First posted on 07/29/2006 04:04:15.

Version 0.3.2 (build 829) is now available for download. Release notes follow…


  • Added new message /ui/refresh that will work with all modules: If display update has been frozen, this message will update displayed values. It do not cause any output, change of parameters, etc. It is simply a message to bring the displayed values back in sync with the real values used by the module.
  • Added new message that will be understood by all modules: /documentaion/help. This message opens the help patch for the module.
  • New system for communication between jmod.parameter and jmod.hub which uses dedicated send-receive links to vastly improve efficiency.
  • global send and receive uses dedicate connections for improved efficiency
  • Various name changes in the parameters in standard components (especially the gui component) to reflect a more consistent and structured namespace
  • the pop-up menu in the module toolbar display all messages in alphabetic order


  • new jmod.dispatcher, jmod.param, jmod.mess, jmod.ret externs are preliminary prototype for future replacement of core components
  • preliminary verson of jmod.mkdir for creating directories: code donated by Bill Orcutt from the mkdir external (thanks Bill!)


  • new vbap module
  • Fixed bugs in the jmod.noisegate~ modules introduced when jmod.return was implemented.
  • new control module that can be used for testing CPU efficiency in parameter handling (intended for testing/development only)
  • Fixed bug in jmod.crossfade.mod reported by Guy Levesque at the user list with float number box displaying mix position not being properly updated when the module is receiving /crossfade messages from remote or in left inlet.


  • new lcd-based widget: slider with text display on top of it (may be replaced by jsui in the future)


  • misc updates to help patches, html docs, and the overview patch

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