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New Core - Progress Report
Posted November 22, 2006 by Trond Lossius

Earlier today Tim posted a status report on the new core to the jamoma-devel list. It is duplicated here, with some updates according to commits done today:

I thought I should summarize where I currently believe us to be on the development of the new core for the 0.4 release…

First off, I think that most of the stability problems and significant bugs have been ironed out, and the system largely works. All existing control modules should be working – if not, the patches should be able to be adjusted to make them work.

There is one part of the system that needs a bit more work, which is the signal input/output.

  • Jitter modules don’t work at all with the new system
  • I have no idea how the ambisonics modules work, so I haven’t really messed with them – and I don’t know if they will or do work or not.
  • I also need to clean-up the messages for managing poly~ and fold them into the object. This isn’t relevant for all modules, but for modules with flexible channel configurations (such as jmod.degrade~).

Whether accurate or not, my perception is that the documentation for the new core is a disaster and needs some serious love.

To chart a course forward… once things have been cleared up on the i/o part of the modules then we will need to develop a plan for transitioning the trunk to the new core. Changes from the old core and new will need to be merged and we can start working on the 0.4 release. The sooner changes get merged from the old core into the new core (which is mostly in modules), the easier this transition will be.

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