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Jamoma 0.4.2 Released
Posted April 01, 2007 by Trond Lossius

New Modules:

  • jmod.blur%: spatial blurring

New Components:

  • jcom.char2float%: convert a matrix from char to float32, keeping planecount and dimensions
  • jcom.float2char%: convert a matrix from float32 to char, keeping planecount and dimensions
  • jcom.spray%: distribute a video matrix to multiple (8) windows on bang

Core Bug Fixes:

  • fixed problems with jcom.send and jcom.receive binding getting corrupted
  • fixed problems on Windows with many crashes (caused by receiver list corruption in jcom.receive)
  • fixed file reading (including presets) on Windows -* this was crashing and failing to read files
  • fixed crashes on Windows caused by RampUnits being set in some parameters
  • fixed incorrect offset of the ambisonic panel in half-widt modules
  • Ramping now works again when changing gain parameters using dB.

Module Bug Fixes:

  • jmod.file_browser: fixing problems with various file types
  • fixed init problems in jmod.mouse
  • mapper.mod: fixed bug where the algorithm would not be created in the mapping if the ui of the module was used to create it
  • updates to jmod.equalizer~ and jmod.multidelay~ to bring them up to date with the new core. (jmod.equalizer~ is still not ready for use though)
  • jmod.limiter~ and jmod.saturation~ now directly use an external for their algorithms
  • added /preamp and /mode parameters to jmod.saturation

Other Improvements:

  • miscellaneous cleanup and fixes throughout
  • help patch updates
  • overview updated

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