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Jamoma 0.5 beta 2
Posted June 28, 2008 by Trond Lossius

Just after NIME most of the Jamoma developers gathered in Albi for a hectic development workshop generously hosted by GMEA.

The agenda for the workshop was pretty simple:

  • Get as far as possible on porting Jamoma to Max 5
  • No new features
  • Canard heaven

We’re not all the way there yet (except for canard heaven), but we certainly came a long way. Today Pascal has uploaded the first beta for Jamoma 0.5 (check the front page). If you want to give it a try, please take note of the following:

  • Jamoma 0.5 only work with Max 5.0.3 or higher. Max 5.0.3 was released earlier today.
  • So far it’s Intel-Mac only. Windows and Universal Binary to come once we’ve got some compiling issues sorted out.
  • It’s buggy, and not yet ready for prime time. So if you’re contemplating using Jamoma for real-life projects in the near future, it’s better to stick to the previous version for the time being. On the other hand: If you have the patience to accept bugs and flaws, and want to help out in testing the new version, it will be much appreciated! If so, please sign up to the user and/or developer mailing lists, and report problems there and/or at the bug tracker.


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