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Moving blog and wiki to a new server
Posted December 31, 2008 by Trond Lossius

The Jamoma blog and wiki have now moved to a new server at BEK. In the process we are also abandoning Zope and Plone, the system used in the past for content management. Instead we are now using the wiki server that ships with OSX Server. Hopefully we will all experience this to be much easier to maintain, edit and contribute to.

With the new architecture it will be much easier to be to add media (images, audio and video) to wiki and blog pages. We have therefore decided to try a new approach towards the documentation of Jamoma, in particular tutorials. Instead of embedding the tutorials in the Jamoma repository using web design software, we will set aside one section of the wiki for tutorials. Hopefully this will make it much simpler and faster to write tutorials, so that we at last can get some of the great features developed over the later years properly documented.

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