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Last Month in Jamoma - December 2009
Posted January 10, 2010 by Trond Lossius

There are always lots of things going on with Jamoma development, thanks to the growing community of people contributing. These developments are available through the source code repository – these should also make it into future installers and releases. Here are a few highlights from the last month:

  • A new window-function library has been introduced as a DSP extension
  • Expansion of the Ruby language bindings, including a Ruby on Rails example app using the Window Function Lib
  • A lot of contributors spent the last month working on some Jamoma-related publications for upcoming conferences and journals
  • The jcom.vimic~ external was made public in the DSP project
  • Bug fixes and improvements for the upcoming Jamoma 0.5.1 release
  • Continued work on the Jamoma NodeLib, which provides an OSC addressing system for objects in the Jamoma Platform.

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