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Posted February 02, 2010 by Trond Lossius

Moviestar is an interactive installation by Marieke Verbiesen & Neeltje Sprengers.

The installation moulds old and new media together in order to create a reallife moving filmset. Classic 16mm film, animation, robotics, sound and motion-tracking are used to simulate a real life film set where visitors play the main role.

A miniature robotic film set forms the background for the movie, while interactive animations come are activated once a visitor enters the film set.

In front of a green screen on the other side of the space, the visitors movements are tracked in real time, both sound and image respond their movements. Projected into a world that consists of monsters, UFO´s and other slightly surreal events, visitors can control animations by by moving in front of the camera. Jamoma, cv.jit and FTM were used for live video analysis, processing and control.

Moviestar was presented at Filmhuis Den Haag September – October 2009.

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