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Last Month in Jamoma - January 2010
Posted February 02, 2010 by Nils Peters

Traditionally, January seems to be one of the most active months for Jamoma development. This year was no exception. Here are some highlights:

  • Jamoma Foundation project extended to allow compiling for the iPhone/iPod/iPad.
  • Jamoma DSP expanded through the addition of a new FFT Lib extension for spectral processing, based on the Ooura library.
  • Jamoma DSP’s Filter Lib optimization and clean-up work
  • Jamoma Multicore was largely re-written to address limitations of the internal architecture as it had previously existed.
  • Ruby language binding fleshed out and made to work doing live-coding DSP with Jamoma Multicore.
  • Jamoma Modular saw a continuation of work on the NodeLib (for managing tree structures of modules, parameters, etc.). The Virage DeviceManager (a daemon that loads plug-ins) has now been integrated through a new Max external called jcom.deviceManager. This allows communication with Minuit, OSC, CopperLan and potentially more protocols by building dedicated plugins.
  • Many other things have also been going. Not all of them can be listed, but some include: A UserLib module wrapping ol.autotalent~ (automatic pitch correction for MSP); jmod.cueManager/jcom.cuemanager improvements (cue moving, autofollow and comments features); website improvement; and new modules for motion capture retrieval and processing, including selecting models for marker placement and biomechanics, and GDIF implementation.

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