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Jamoma controlling Web Service
Posted August 22, 2010 by Trond Lossius

Controlling Web Servive from Jamoma

Today saw a new functionality added to Jamoma. The jcom.webservice component enables controlling and monitoring Web Sharing, the service enabling the computer to function as a web server, from within Max and Jamoma.

It does so by internally calling an AppleScript that behind the scene opens the Sharing control panel, get the setting for Web Sharing, and change it if required.

One potential use is with the Fantastick app for iPhone and iPad. The app enables images to be downloaded from the web and used to build multitouch user interfaces, communicating with Max over the network.

An obvious challenge when depending on web downloads for a performance interface is the possibility of web access being unavailable in a performance situation. If the images instead are hosted from the computer running Max, they will be remain available, provided that a local wifi network can be set up, and Web Sharing is enabled on the Max computer.

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