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Last summer in Jamoma
Posted September 28, 2010 by Julien Rabin

While various activities were slowing down during summer break, we not only took the chance to enjoy the sunny weather outside (and we hope you did as well), but also spent more time on Jamoma development.


Change of license

First of all, please note that the license under which Jamoma code is distributed changed from LGPL to BSD. Our intention remain the same :

  • Jamoma can be used in both open source and commercial products
  • Jamoma get credited when being used
  • Jamoma developers are not responsible for problems that may occur when using our software.

In addition to being shorter and easier to understand, we believe this change of license will bring more flexibility to what can be done with Jamoma. If you have been holding-off from releasing software based on Jamoma, this is your chance.

A summary and a link to the full BSD license can be found here).

OSX: Dynamic Libraries

Jamoma frameworks are now compiled as .dylib binaries instead of the previously used .framework bundles. The most noticeable advantage is that you will now be able to have different versions of Jamoma installed on your computer. This takes effect with Jamoma 0.5.2 b1 for OSX users and is available on the download page.

Jamoma Audio Graph

More continuous work has been made by Tim Place, Trond Lossius and Nils Peters on Jamoma Audio Graph. Besides improvements with regards to performance, stability, and flexibility, the use of Jamoma Audio Graph has been extended by a new project called Plugtastic by 74Objects. With Plugtastic, audio graphs designed in Max can now be exported not only to Ruby or C++, but also as fully functional AudioUnit plug-ins. Plugtastic is currently in the alpha testing phase of development.

Jamoma Node Lib

Alongside with Audio Graph, Jamoma NodeLib which constitutes the second main development area leading to Jamoma Modular 0.6 is coming along very well. Thanks to Théo De La Hogue’s efforts, the foundations of the next major release start to take a good shape and a second prototype introducing patching in Max based on MVC principles has been shared. As big as the change will be, more design brainstormings and discussions has yet to happen on the Developer forum/mail-list. If you want to keep yourself up-to-date or share your impressions, be sure to subscribe if you haven’t done so already.

Jamoma Modular 0.5.x

Jamoma on Windows

Making Jamoma Modular available on both OSX and Windows has always been an important exigence to us. Unfortunately, our limited resources make it hard to keep up with development on Windows. We continue to desire making synchronized Mac and PC releases. If you can bring any help to Jamoma development on Windows, please get in touch with us to help make this happen. There is no doubt that this will be appreciated by the whole Jamoma community.


During 13th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects, Trond Lossius presented the paper “The Jamoma Audio Graph Layer” written by himself along with Tim Place and Nils Peters. Proceeding of the DAFx10 are now online and the paper can be read here.

Projects using Jamoma

  • Electric violin in digital space : Victoria Johnson, Norwegian Academy of Music
  • “Hypermusic” : Alexander Refsum Jensenius (University of Oslo)
  • Adaptation / volume : Ricardo Del Pozo (BEK)
  • And All the Questionmarks Started to Sing : Verdensteatret
  • Ghost Arcitectures : Jeremy Welsh (KHIB) and Trond Lossius (KHIB/BEK)
  • At the Zoo : Karen Kipphoff (KHIB) and Trond Lossius (KHIB/BEK)


As mentioned earlier on the blog, Jamoma made one more step in social networking! In addition to Facebook page, you can now find us on, thanks to Andreas Tolf Tolfsen and on Twitter. For the geek amongst you, while the Twitter jamomaproject account is used to share various information related to Jamoma development or interests, follow jamomadev to keep an eye on Jamoma development by reading on Twitter Git commits messages. Ain’t it great?

As always, thank you all for your support and feedback.

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