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New JamomaDoc repository
Posted November 20, 2010 by Julien Rabin


From our desire to continuously improve and extend Jamoma documentation, we decided to create a dedicated repository on Github.

Why another Jamoma repository?

As some of you might have noticed, until now, some parts of Jamoma have still remained not as much documented as we would like. With this new repository, we think documentation should be much easier for us to maintain. This also means that for you readers, as we spend less time maintaining documentation, we should be able to spend more time writing some new content alongside with regular Jamoma core developments.

Moreover, just like with other branches of Jamoma project, you can freely check out the repository and are welcomed to contribute.

How to get the repository?

Git users can head for Github and clone the project using the following url:

If you do not feel like using Git, an archive of the project can also be downloaded as a .zip compressed file for example.

We will also add pretty soon a dedicated place on Jamoma to access this growing documentation.

Of course, Jamoma Modular users will get the new doc with the next maintenance release.

How to contribute?

If you have Git installed, just go to Github and clone the repository to start working on it.

If you just can not help by writing some documentation, be sure your feedbacks are still greatly appreciated. In addition to our regular forum, we also set up a dedicated tracker where you can log some ideas, tutorial requests or just point out some typos which may have skipped from our attention.

If you can not wait to give us a hand on Jamoma Documentation, be sure to grab the repository and have a look at the “Tools” folder where you will find to get you started some Textile templates that we use as our format of choice.

As a bonus, Textmate users will most likely enjoy a special JamomaDoc bundle providing some handy snippets and shortcuts.

In any case, be sure to keep an eye on this new repository as we spend some time to centralize the various valuable information disseminated in the wikis, repositories and other Jamoma places.

We hope our efforts to improve Jamoma documentation will help you work on some exciting projects and are waiting for your feedback.

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