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Greetings from Jamoma
Posted January 19, 2011 by Julien Rabin

Would there be a better way to inaugurate the first 2011 blog post than wishing you all a happy new year, full of exciting and successful creative projects?

We at Jamoma feel 2010 was a pretty nice year of work. As you certainly noticed by following our quasi monthly blog post series, a lot of stuff has been going on: some significant developments has been happening on the Jamoma Audio Graph and Jamoma Graph allowing some great applications, various maintenance releases of Jamoma Modular fixing bugs and bringing improvements, version 0.6 getting closer, more publications and nice art projects. We are also very happy to see more people such as Ricardo del Pozo or Navid Navab sharing their work on Jamoma modules in the UserLib. Feel welcome to join them!

A new beta version of Jamoma Modular for Mac has just been released. Be sure to head to Jamoma download page to give a look at the recent changes.

Next month in Jamoma

Now enough looked back at 2010. What is next? Thanks to BEK ’s invitation, the whole Jamoma team will meet in Bergen from January 31th to February 6th for a special developer workshop. This week promises to be a very productive one and we hope to see some nice stuff coming out of it. Workshops like this one are very important for Jamoma development and we are really thankful to have this support from BEK and other organizations involved such as, fourMs lab from the University of Oslo, Galamus, GMEA and Ircam.

The first version of the schedule has been published on the forum. The workshop aims at fixing some issues, bringing some new features and enhance a number of areas. It will also be the occasion for the team to review our roadmap and discuss the future of Jamoma with attention.

While the list of participants for this workshop is already booked, interested users are more than welcome to get in touch with developers through the mailing lists/forum to submit feature requests and issues you would like us to consider for future developments. More than anything, Jamoma is community driven and we certainly value users’ feedback.

Thanks for your continuous support. Best,

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