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Spotlight - New modules coming to UserLib
Posted January 27, 2011 by Julien Rabin

Some time ago, Adrian Gierakowski shared a nice patch showing use of a new jcom.hub feature to mix between presets.

Today, Adrian just posted a message on the Jamoma User forum to annouce some of his modules are now public. This “ag.granular.suite” collection contains a number of FTM/Gabor -based modules for granulation processes and control. Be sure to watch Adrian’s video inserted below to have an overview of the nice features his modules have.

ag.granular.suite tutorial 01 – overview from Adrian Gierakowski on Vimeo.

It is really nice to know about people’s use of Jamoma. If you would like to have some of your modules available in the User Library or featured on this blog, please get in touch with us thru the forum.

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