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Support of Mac OS 10.5 roadmap
Posted May 13, 2011 by Julien Rabin

In case you missed Timothy Place’s message on Jamoma Development forum, we would like to draw your attention on a particular point concerning the support of Mac OS 10.5.

Apple has released Xcode 4. The fact is that you cannot build Jamoma with Xcode 4 unless we drop OS 10.5 support. For now, we are continuing to build with Xcode 3, but… Apple has announced that OS 10.7 will ship in the next couple of months. Xcode 4 will be needed to compile on 10.7.

Given these conditions, the least painful path forward for collective Jamoma development is to drop support for OS 10.5 at the time when OS 10.7 is released. That is this summer, and coincides with our plans for Jamoma 0.6. If that sounds like a major problem for you, please let us hear about it. Or to quote the oblique strategies : “Voice your suspicions”.

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