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Jamoma 0.5.4.b1
Posted October 04, 2011 by Trond Lossius

We have just uploaded a new Jamoma installer for Mac. The most important changes in this version are:

  • Addresses a number of OSX Lion issues
  • Requires OSX 10.6 or newer
  • Sneak-peek of the new Plugtastic objects, but with minimal testing
  • Dataspace: The pitch dataspace has been merged into the time

Please consider this version to be a beta. There might still be issues with OSX Lion, and there might be problems that we are not yet aware of if running the installer on OSX 10.6. If you’re in the process of testing out and migrating to OSX Lion please try it out. If you have an important project coming up in the next few days, I would recommend holding of.

As for the dataspace change: If you use custom modules with jcom.parameter or jcom.dataspace externals and @dataspace pitch, please change this to @dataspace time. The benefit is that there are more units to convert between than before.

Enjoy, and please report any bugs or issues to our issue tracker. If it is working well, we’ll be pleased to know on our mailing lists. The previous release (0.5.4b4) is still available for download.

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