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Jamoma 0.5.7 package for Max 6.1
Posted April 07, 2013 by Trond Lossius

Jamoma 0.5.7 package

Update 2013-04-10: I’ve corrected the name of the “patchers” folders as pointed out by Nicolas Marechal. Additionally I have added a Jamoma-dependencies folder to the archive as well. This folder contains a number of packages of 3rd party externals (ICST ambisonics externals, VBAP, etc.) required by some of the modules, e.g. spatialisation modules.

In follow up to the previous post we have now added a hand-crafted package for Jamoma 0.5.7 to the download section. If you want to use Jamoma 0.5.7 (the current stable release) with Max 6.1 or newer, please follow these steps to get going:

  1. Download the regular version of Jamoma 0.5.7, and run the installer.
  2. Download the package, unzip and copy to the Max 6.1/packages folder.
  3. If you did not have Max 6.0.8 (or an earlier version of Max 6) installed from beforehand, you’ll notice that the first astep here has added a new Max6 folder to your Applications folder, in addition to the Max 6.1 folder that is created when installing Max 6.1 or higher. Having completed the first two steps, you can go ahead and delete this Max6 folder.

The reason that you need to run the regular installer first, is that Jamoma 0.5.7 do not only install files in your Max 6 folder, but also installs a number of frameworks and extensions in the hidden /usr/local Unix folder. These additional files are required for Jamoma 0.5.7 to run.

For this reason, if you use Jamoma 0.5.7 for a project, and want to keep all files relating to that project for future use, it will not be sufficient to just keep a copy of the package. Make sure that you also keep a copy of the Jamoma installer, so that you are also able to install these additional “hidden” files.

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