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0.6.0-a25 released
Posted October 15, 2013 by Théo de la Hogue

0.6 way of patching

The Jamoma 0.6 alpha version development continues. The new way of patching is close to be finalized and many fixes have been made in “real life” situations to ensure Max patchers stability. The 0.6 version provides a clear separation between the model (where the core execution happens) and its views (where gui complexity are handled). Thus, the module now simply eases the creation of a standard view for a model in one shot.

However if the model/view separation convention seems boring to you, it is now possible to do standard Max patching then add Jamoma at any level of your patchers. Anywhere you add a j.parameter | j.message | j.return you’ll still keep the benefits of the many externals the 0.6 version provides such as :

- j.cue to store and recall the state of your patcher,
- j.namespace to explore all the registered parameters and manage selection for cue management,
- to enable a mapping between two j.parameter | j.message | j.return remotes and automatically scale the value to the appropriate range bounds and dataspace unit,
- j.send(~) and j.receive(~) which are particularly powerful considering the use of wildcard in their address to bind to a set of j.parameter | j.message | j.return.

Finally the 0.6 version will provide an original protocol solution to easily set, get, listen and discover any registered model, view, parameter, message or return in your patcher from a remote network client. While this feature can unfortunately not be considered as completed as of Jamoma 0.6.0-a25 version, we encourage you to look at the j.modular.maxhelp to know more about this upcoming feature.

If you’re interested in testing the new 0.6.0-a25 release you can get it here.

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