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Download Jamoma for Max


Install using Package Manager

The easiest way to install Jamoma for Max is to do it directly in Max using the Package Manager. Please follow the instructions in this video.

Package Manager is available in Max 7.1 and newer versions.


Install manually

Alternatively you can download the latst release from GitHub and install yourself. The download is organised as a Max Package.

Latest Release on GitHub


Nighly builds

If you want to be up to speed with the most recent development, you can download the nightly builds. Any changes, addition and bug fixes that we do makes it into these releases within 24 hours.

Get Nightly Builds



Experiencing bugs or problems?

Please report bugs to the bug tracker. If you need help and support, please contact us via the user forum.


Jamoma 0.5.7 for Mac


OSX 0.5.7 Installer

OSX 0.5.7 Package


Jamoma 0.5.7 requires OSX 10.7 or newer, as well as Max 6.0.8 or newer. Max need to run as a 32-bit application.


Using Jamoma 0.5.7 with Max 6.0.8:

  1. Download and run the installer.

Using Jamoma 0.5.7 with Max 6.1 or newer

  1. Download and run the installer
  2. Download the Jamoma 0.5.7 package, unzip, and copy the two packages (Jamoma and Jamoma Dependencies) to ~/Documents/Max/Packages
  3. Ensure that Max is running as a 32-bit application, not 64-bit.

Jamoma 0.5.6 for Windows


Windows 0.5.6.b1 Installer

Windows Dependencies for 0.5.6


The Windows installer dates from 9 November 2011, and only works with the 32-bit version of Max.

Q: How do you see if a patch is made with Jamoma 0.5 or Jamoma 1?

A: The names of externals in Jamoma 0.5.7 started with a jcom. prefix. The names of modules would have a jmod. prefix. In Jamoma v.1 externals have a j. prefix, and the names of model and view patchers ends with model.maxpat and view.maxpat.

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