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Jamoma Max 0.5.7 Package for OSX

Thanks for downloading Jamoma!

Your download should start automatically. If you experience problems with the download, please try this direct link.


Max 6.1 introduced Packages for 3rd party externals. The zipped folder that you are now downloading is a reorganisation of the content of the 0.5.7 installer as a set of packages for the 32-bit version of Max 6.1 and higher. If you want to use this, you need to:

  1. Run the regular installer, found here.
  2. Download and unzip this package. In the unzipped folder you’ll find two folders.
  3. Move the Jamoma-0.5.7 folder to your ~/Documents/Max/Packages folder.
  4. Additionally, in order to install 3rd party JamomaDependencies externals, move the folders inside the Jamoma-Dependencies folder to the ~/Documents/Max/Packages folder.

Further details on this release can be found in this blog post.

This package was last updated on 2013-04-10 with fixes for wrong folder names, and added Jamoma dependencies.

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